Fiction Feeling Frame
River Soup: A Performance in Hydrofeminism


January 2021

London, UK

Ibiye Camp
Gabriella Hirst
Clara Kraft Isono

River Soup: A Performance in Hydrofeminism screened as part of the RCA Work In Progress Show in 2021. This astonishing film weaves together meditations on three rivers, each on a different continent, by three members of the FFF collective: Ibiye Camp, Gabriella Hirst and Clara Kraft Isono.

The first collaboration of Camp, Hirst and Isono, the film is a reflection of the individual work of these three artists and practitioners who contend with questions of the body and bodies-of-water through creative, critical research methods, film, digital media, performance, postcolonial and feminist theory.

Here, their work is woven together in a dialogue produced through the juxtaposition and montage of moving image, text and voice.

River Soup poster